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Victors World - Stories

Before designing BDSM equipment I wrote BDSM stories. Below are those stories.

This was the first story that I wrote back in late 2004. Looking back it is quite terrible. I was just starting to get to know my online slave Maralyn and I wrote this as a way of telling her my fantasies. The story is about a first date. 01_-_The_Restaurant.pdf
This story follows on from the 'The Restaurant' and is about outdoor sex. 02_-_The_Picnic.pdf
This story follows on from the 'The Picnic' . 03_-_A_Night_In.pdf
Another story for Maralyn. This story explored the ideas of Pony Girls. 04_-_The_Pony_Girl_Facility.pdf
All slaves get punished one time or another. This story is about one of those. 05_-_The_Punishment.pdf
This story explored the use of chastity belts. 06_-_A_Question_Of_Control.pdf
This continues the use of a chastity belt and also explores sex with strangers. 07_-_A_Question_of_Control_-_Continued.pdf
This story allowed me to fantasize about capturing my slave and having forced sex.. 08_-_Taken.pdf
Even Masters get punished. 09_-_Recovery.pdf
I make my slave into a Christmas Fairy. 10_-_The_Night_Before_Christmas.pdf
Housework can be fun! 11_-_Housework_(Incomplete).pdf
This story was inspired by an online chat I had with my slave Maralyn. 12_-_Disobedience.pdf
This story was inspired by a similar real life story I read on a blog somewhere. 13_-_A_Slaves_Revenge.pdf
This my first story where I switch from first person to third person. This was going to be a novel sized story but I never had time to finish it. 14_-_Reflections_(Incomplete).pdf
This is a collection of vingrettes inspired by photos from the internet. 15_-_wet_dreams_(Illustrated).pdf
This story was written for a very attractive performer I met on the BDSM Academy ( She shared with me some of her stories and this inspired me to write this piece which is based on those stories. 16_-_Out_Of_The_Box.pdf
This story is a reworking of my first story 'The Restaurant'. I rewrote it for a performer on the BDSM Academy who had done some wondeful tasks for me. 17_-_First_Meeting_(Incomplete).pdf
This story was inspired by the sight of a beautiful girl I saw whilst waiting to pick someone up from the airport. She was wearing a blue dress that clung alluringly to her body. This story is about why she was there. 18_-_Girl_in_a_blue_dress_(Incomplete).pdf